CAPTAIN - Anthony Fisher
PRESIDENT - David Taylforth
LADY CAPTAIN - Rachel Strickland
LADY PRESIDENT - Dorothy Robinson -Tattersall

Junior Captain - Matt Stevens

Officials & Committees 2019

Captain: A. Fisher

President: D. Taylforth
Captain Elect: K. Inman
Vice President: A. Russell
Vice Captain: K. Whittingham
Lady Captain: R. Strickland
Lady President: D. Robinson-Tattersall
Junior Captain: M Stevens

S. Mortimer (Chair), D Taylforth, B Strickland, A Rowley, D. Inman, J Moreman and B Chapman

D Taylforth(Chair), K Whittingham, G Whipp, B Chapman, D Inman, A Rowley, G Stocker, M Stapley and B Strickland

A. Fisher (Chair), E Chapple, D Taylforth, J Mayor, B Strickland, and T Ashby

B Strickland (Chair), J Mayor, A Fisher, E Chapple, S Whittingham and K Powell (co-opt)
S Mortimer(Chair), B Presland (co-opt), J. Mayor, T Ashby, B Chapman and K. Powell (co-opt)

E Chapple (Chair), S. Taylforth, J Moreman, M Stapley and J Stead

R. Fort (Treasurer), S Whittingham, B Strickland, S Mortimer, A Fisher and J Mayor

G Whipp(Chair), J Mayor, B Chapman, M Stapley, T Ashby, B Presland and K Whittingham

Hon. Sec: P Brown
Hon Treasurer: R. Fort

Press Officer: R. Presland

The Captain, President, Captain Elect & Vice President are included on all committees.

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